Being rich is a choice! The story of Jack Ma, the founder

Jack Ma, the founder of, is a famous Chinese billionaire. He was born in Hangzhou, a Chinese province, worked as an ordinary lecturer and ended up being one of the richest and most influential people on the planet, according to Forbes.

How has he achieved the world success and how does he explain people’s “bad luck”?

Sometimes a solution is as clear as a bell

Bloomberg data show that by the end of 2014, the capital of Jack Ma was estimated $32,7 billion. You think this is because of his rich parents who helped him to make out? Not at all.

Jack Ma (or Ma Yun) was born in the family of musician-storytellers in one of Chinese provinces. When he was a child, he decided to study English. For this, Jack chose a means that is truly brilliant in its simplicity: riding his bicycle to the nearest hotel he talked to foreigners. Let’s be honest, would many of us do the way he did? Sometimes a solution is obvious and doesn’t even require financial expenses!


Hardships build character

Jack failed entrance examinations twice. Despite that and owing to his persistence and ambitions, he finally enrolled at Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute; moreover, his diligence brought him to becoming a lecturer there upon graduating. His monthly salary was only $15.

Jack mentions it was difficult for him to find a better paid job, however, in 1995 he was lucky to accompany a trade delegation in the US as an interpreter. There, a turning point of his success occurred: his friend showed him the Internet. Since that moment, the future billionaire was burning with the idea to establish his own internet-based company for website development.

It’s not about the money. It’s about you

It is reported that Ma’s initial capital comprised of Ma’s own savings and money borrowed from his friends and family was $2000. Owing to persistence, determination, strong belief in himself and leadership skills after 3 years the company revenue reached $800 000. In 1999, Jack founded Alibaba Group.

Poverty starts with the head

Judging from his experience, the billionaire shared what “poor” thoughts dwell in the heads of some people and what hampers success. Poverty starts with the head, not with an empty purse!


If you give something for free to a poor man, he will say the only free cheese is in the mouse trap.

If you suggest a little investment, he will say returns are too small.

So, what about playing for high stakes? – But where to find money?

What if we try a new business area? – But I don’t have experience!

What about traditional business then? – It’s too hard.

OK, an innovative business model! – Shady…

Well, maybe we should open our own shop? – Nah, too little freedom.

A start-up? – What’s the guarantee of success?

This is how people reject opportunities they are given by their own hands.

What do poor people have in common?

Jack found that people who don’t believe in success have several things in common. They prefer to google things to get quick answers and to ask their friends who offer solutions they don’t even try. Wherein some people think they know how to succeed and blame circumstances instead of taking action.

There is always a way! Start your business the way more than 1 500 000 Global InterGold customers have already done!

The one who has no desire will find an excuse; the one who has a desire will find a way. Poor people are unsuccessful due to one simple reason: they spend their lives in anticipation, summarized Jack Ma.

Is it worth losing precious time hoping things would change for the better on their own? Or is it better to take the lead in your life?

Global InterGold: the business solution for those who are not afraid of change.


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