Gold and Grand Summer Voyage 2016! Global InterGold: GoldSet Global competition is on!

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop wants to cheer its customers with a new competition. This time they will be able to raise their business to a new level in just 12 days and go on a Mediterranean cruise and win a kilo of gold!

Competition began on 20th May and will last until 1st June!

After a long lead time, the two unique orders for gold bars were launched on 11th May. We are talking about the GoldSet Global orders. These orders have been immediately supported by the company’s customers, and their enthusiasm resulted in a real golden wave!

Customers can develop their gold business and earn much faster with the GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders. And now Global InterGold will show its gratitude towards its dynamic and motivated clients with an award for the most successful promotion of the new Global InterGold product.



For the most successful customer in the GoldSet Global Pro and GoldSet Global Smart orders:

Participation in the fabulous Summer Voyage 2016

7 heavenly days with the company on the luxury liner!


the opportunity to compete with the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 participants

for 1 kilo of gold.


From 20th May 12:00 (CET) until 1st June 12:00 (CET)


to complete the largest amount of GoldSet Global Smart or GoldSet Global Pro sections withing the competition period

Remember that GoldSet Global Pro has 3 sections and GoldSet Global Smart has 2 sections.

By placing two orders at the same time, you can complete 5 sections in the shortest possible time.

Professional approach leads to fast and smart income! Are you ready for the second GoldSet Global wave?

The second GoldSet Global wave has started!

More orders, more chances to win!

GoldSet Global Smart prepayment

GoldSet Global Pro prepayment

GoldSet Global Smart and Pro table of orders rules


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