Gold and Grand Summer Voyage 2016! Global InterGold: GoldSet Global competition is on!

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Competition began on 20th May and will last until 1st June!

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Participation in the fabulous Summer Voyage 2016

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From 20th May 12:00 (CET) until 1st June 12:00 (CET)


to complete the largest amount of GoldSet Global Smart or GoldSet Global Pro sections withing the competition period

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GoldSet Global Smart and Pro table of orders rules

How can introverts success in business? Global InterGold tips

People are classified into extraverts and intraverts. There is a stereotype that the first category is people who cannot survive 5 minutes without talking, and the second one is gloomy loners who never leave their rooms and read books all the time.

The truth about extroverts and introverts is deeper, if we bear in mind for instance, that there is a large number of introverts among the most successful business people in the world. Who is at the top of the business Olympus and how can an average introvert succeed in business taking into account his or her personality traits?

Who are introverts?

Unlike a popular belief, introversion is not synonymous with shyness. In psychology, introverts are described as people who are more focused on their inner world than the surrounding, though they are not timid or shy.

These quiet people believe that the waste of energy is irrational. Thus, a certain impression may be created that introverts are not sociable, but in fact they are happy to speak on topics that are really interesting to them, including business subjects.


Famous introverts in business

Examples of famous people prove that introverts can achieve enormous heights in business. For instance, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is an introvert. He is one of the richest people in the world, having a fortune of 29.2 billion dollars.

Another striking example is Warren Buffett, the most influential investor in the world with a fortune of 72.7 billion dollars. He is also known as the most significant benefactor in the history of mankind.

An outstanding introvert businesswoman is Susan Kane, the successful TED speaker and the author of the bestseller “Introverts.” She founded a business called the Quiet Revolution providing training materials for this type of people. This woman turned philosophy of life into the brand!

How did they manage to reach the heights of success in spite of (or maybe because of?) introversion? There are several reasons for this phenomenon.


Why should you have introverts in your business team?

1) Introverts are able to carry on a conversation face to face.

They are good listeners, allowing a potential customer feel special. Introverts are considerate and unobtrusive, thus they may win the hearts of their customers easier than extroverts. If liveliness and charisma are the weapons of an extrovert, persuasion with no compulsion is on an introvert‘s side.

2) Introverts are credible.

Usually these people make the impression of those serious and balanced. They are a personification of a new level of sales, where there is a relationship of trust established between a company and its clients. Customers’ confidence is the foundation of any business.

3) Introverts are comfortable about the time.

Such people are often distinguished by patience: they give the client time to think without any pressure. It creates a positive customer‘s attitude that contributes to the bargaining. Of course, it’s a question of oneself restriction.

4) Introverts have a better understanding of body language

Therefore, they can just duly change their behavior depending on the situation.

5) Introverts are good at listening

They are able to listen to the client’s doubts and to find a reasonable compromise instead of repeating the same phrases about the benefits of the product.

What scope of business is suitable for introverts?

An introvert is to choose the meaningful business. For such people belief in their business and motivation are vital. They need to feel comfortable with what they do. However, any person sees more or less attractive aspects in any business, but the main thing is to have a specific reason to deal with it.

Global InterGold business with gold unites more than 1.5 million people all over the globe. You can find both introverts and extroverts among them, because this business can be conducted with live communication and online, telling the audience about the product and having face-to-face meetings. This is a great way of not only making the real money, but also developing your communication skills.

There are 5 solid reasons for this business being suitable for all psychological types. Don’t give up on your dreams of the better life just because you think it’s not for you!

Being rich is a choice! The story of Jack Ma, the founder

Jack Ma, the founder of, is a famous Chinese billionaire. He was born in Hangzhou, a Chinese province, worked as an ordinary lecturer and ended up being one of the richest and most influential people on the planet, according to Forbes.

How has he achieved the world success and how does he explain people’s “bad luck”?

Sometimes a solution is as clear as a bell

Bloomberg data show that by the end of 2014, the capital of Jack Ma was estimated $32,7 billion. You think this is because of his rich parents who helped him to make out? Not at all.

Jack Ma (or Ma Yun) was born in the family of musician-storytellers in one of Chinese provinces. When he was a child, he decided to study English. For this, Jack chose a means that is truly brilliant in its simplicity: riding his bicycle to the nearest hotel he talked to foreigners. Let’s be honest, would many of us do the way he did? Sometimes a solution is obvious and doesn’t even require financial expenses!


Hardships build character

Jack failed entrance examinations twice. Despite that and owing to his persistence and ambitions, he finally enrolled at Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute; moreover, his diligence brought him to becoming a lecturer there upon graduating. His monthly salary was only $15.

Jack mentions it was difficult for him to find a better paid job, however, in 1995 he was lucky to accompany a trade delegation in the US as an interpreter. There, a turning point of his success occurred: his friend showed him the Internet. Since that moment, the future billionaire was burning with the idea to establish his own internet-based company for website development.

It’s not about the money. It’s about you

It is reported that Ma’s initial capital comprised of Ma’s own savings and money borrowed from his friends and family was $2000. Owing to persistence, determination, strong belief in himself and leadership skills after 3 years the company revenue reached $800 000. In 1999, Jack founded Alibaba Group.

Poverty starts with the head

Judging from his experience, the billionaire shared what “poor” thoughts dwell in the heads of some people and what hampers success. Poverty starts with the head, not with an empty purse!


If you give something for free to a poor man, he will say the only free cheese is in the mouse trap.

If you suggest a little investment, he will say returns are too small.

So, what about playing for high stakes? – But where to find money?

What if we try a new business area? – But I don’t have experience!

What about traditional business then? – It’s too hard.

OK, an innovative business model! – Shady…

Well, maybe we should open our own shop? – Nah, too little freedom.

A start-up? – What’s the guarantee of success?

This is how people reject opportunities they are given by their own hands.

What do poor people have in common?

Jack found that people who don’t believe in success have several things in common. They prefer to google things to get quick answers and to ask their friends who offer solutions they don’t even try. Wherein some people think they know how to succeed and blame circumstances instead of taking action.

There is always a way! Start your business the way more than 1 500 000 Global InterGold customers have already done!

The one who has no desire will find an excuse; the one who has a desire will find a way. Poor people are unsuccessful due to one simple reason: they spend their lives in anticipation, summarized Jack Ma.

Is it worth losing precious time hoping things would change for the better on their own? Or is it better to take the lead in your life?

Global InterGold: the business solution for those who are not afraid of change.

Income acceleration with GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders!

The two new beneficial GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders for purchasing gold bars are now available to the customers. More business opportunities are at your disposal!

How can you earn faster with the new orders?

Global InterGold strives to constantly improve business opportunities for its customers.

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GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro: smart and swift income


GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders are arranged similarly to GoldSet Start and GoldSet Standard orders. However, due to the fact that GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro tables are divided into sections on each level, you get reward units after the completion of any section. GoldSet Global Smart order can also be used as an independent order without transition to the Global Pro table.

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Global InterGold branded gold bars with new orders

The gold gold available with the new orders is another company’s novelty: for the first time ever customers can order gold bars with Global InterGold logo!

Global InterGold has become the first company to start producing its own gold bars. The product has the highest 999 fineness and the quality of international level. Branded gold bars are a new stage of business prestige.


How do GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro operate?

The terms are simple: you have to make an prepayment of 275 EUR (Global Smart) / 450 EUR (Global Pro) and successfully recommend the Online Gold Shop to at least two new customers.

Reward units are granted after the completion of the 1st and the 2nd section (Global Smart) / 1st, , the 2nd and the 3rd section (Global Pro).

Global Smart remuneration is equal to 500 EUR, and Global Pro remuneration will amount to 1275 EUR for the completion of each section! For more details see the GoldSet program terms and conditions.

Both orders may be placed independently. Meanwhile, after the completion of the GoldSet Global Smart table orders can be transitioned to GoldSet Global Pro.

Special conditions of the new GoldSet Global SMART and GoldSet Global PRO orders:

Within 30 days from 11th May all the customers will get reward units for orders granted even without a qualification.

Get all the detailed information on the company’s official website.

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TOP 5 must-see movies to succeed in business

How to recommend a product and get the most out of it? Are there any techniques you don’t know yet?

We suggest you diversify your Global InterGold education process and watch movies on the subject of sales. The basis of most of them is formed with the real stories of people who have achieved incredible success. Watch this video compilation from outstanding Global InterGold experts and use gained experience. The most interesting movies are waiting for you!

You may have already seen some of these movies but we believe that a couple of them might be watched for the first time. That’s what high quality movies are about: you can enjoy them all over again and find something new and useful for business every time!

1. “Door to Door”, 2002 (IMDb rating 7.90)

“Patience and persistence”

This movie by Steven Schachter is based on a true story of a sales agent Bill Porter. The storyline starts in 1955 when handicapped from birth Bill decides to succeed in life. His loving mother helped him find a job in the company selling cosmetics and household chemicals, repeating that the main things in this business are perseverance and patience. It wasn’t easy for Bill at first but gradually he overcame all the difficulties and became the salesperson of the year.


2. “The Wolf of Wall Street”, 2013 (IMDb rating 8.20)

«He creates the necessity»

This sensational movie by Martin Scorsese is also inspired by a true story, namely the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, famous broker. The film tells the story of a young, ambitious and charismatic broker and playboy who achieved great success illegally and whose foul play destroyed his professional and personal life. Nevertheless, this strong-willed man was able to get back on the right track and became a successful mentor of the art of sales.


3. “The Pursuit of Happyness”, 2006 (IMDb rating 8.00)

People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it

This is a movie about a single father with no education who ended up on the street with his 5-year old son but eventually managed to get a position at a prestigious brokerage firm. It is based on a true story as well. The director Gabriele Muccino filmed a vivid example of one’s necessity to believe in yourself and work hard regardless of the circumstances. That’s how you achieve success.

global intergold-movie 2

4. “The Joneses”, 2010 (IMDb rating 6.50)

“You have to sell the lifestyle! The mood! Then people will want what you have”

This movie by Derrick Borte tells the story of the marketing company employees who advertise products in an unusual way pretending to be a family. New prospects of selling techniques opened up in the movie makes you think about eternal values.


5. “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year”, 2009 (IMDb rating 7.50)

Business is not a number,business is people, only people”

The last but not the least movie in our compilation is the one by the Indian director Shimit Amin. It is dedicated to a Harpreet Singh Bedi, a not so diligent student who scored low at the college exams but managed to create a strong team and lead it (and himself) to success.


Which of the movies will you watch tonight to successfully recommend the Online Gold Shop product and services tomorrow?

Don’t forget to watch Global InterGold videos from the eminent Global InterGold leaders, who achieved real success in business and are ready to share it with you! Global InterGold education is always there for you.

Now business with Global InterGold boosts income even faster. The company has introduced the new GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders to accelerate the profit from purchasing physical gold bars.

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Global InterGold 2016: from the gold conference in Colombia to the Global Assembly in Italy

Only four months have passed since the beginning of the year, but the Global InterGold conferences with the participation of the company’s management and motivated customers have already been held in 7 countries! The gold business is expanding and the number of Global InterGold clients is steadily growing.

What countries hosted gold business conferences this year? Why are they so remarkable?

Global InterGold business is booming. There are more than 1,5 million customers embraced by the Online Gold Shop; the company’s events are attended by people from approximately 50 countries.

Gold business conferences took place in 7 countries this year: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea covered by the Global Tour 2016 and Italy, where the Global Assembly 2016 was held.


Colombia is the start point of the Global Tour 2016

The Global Tour is a series of events that take place in different countries around the world under the “Leadership Development” motto. Company’s customers had the honor to inaugurate the Global Tour in Colombia. On 29th January the first conference of the tour debuted at the Dan Carlton Hotel in Medellin having attracted customers from all over Latin America and other countries.

Global_InterGold-Colombia_DAY_1_City (23)

4784 meters above sea level: Global InterGold in Ecuador

The second event of the Global Tour was a conference in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where customers crossed the equator of golden opportunities and reached the pinnacles of business success. The prestigious Best Western Premier CPlaza Hotel hosted the second conference of the tour on 31st January. The conference attendees also managed to visit the famous Monument to the Equator and climbed the breathtaking Pichincha volcano.


The last Latin American Global Tour 2016 event in Peru

The “City of Kings” was the third stop of the Global Tour. The conference was held on 6th and 7th February and brought together hundreds of participants at the luxury Westin Lima & Convention Center Hotel. Global InterGold management pronounced speeches on the future innovations to inspire the customers for new breakthroughs in the gold business.


Global InterGold in Kuala Lumpur: the first conference in Asia

After a successful series of events in Latin America, Global Tour continued its march in Asia. The first city where the Asian round of the Tour started was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two intense days of the conference on 20th and 21st February at the splendid Swiss-Garden Hotel provided its participants with new knowledge and experience.


Konnichiwa! The Global Tour stops in Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun was shining with gold glitter on 19th and 20th March. Customers from 10 countries including Japan arrived in the capital of Japan to participate in the conference held at the Mielparque Tokyo and New Otani hotels. They were happy to discover the secrets of the gold business and reach new levels of success.


Gold in South Korea: the last conference before the Global Assembly 2016

Triumphant completion of the Global Tour events in Asia took place in Busan, South Korea. On 26th and 27th March conference attendees were learning new business technologies and viewing the marvelous sights to get inspired for new achievements.


Goodbye, Asia! Buongiorno, Rome! Global InterGold went to Italy for the incredible Global Assembly 2016

This conference was a real highlight of the season. Gold extravaganza filled in the superb Rome Cavalieri Hotel on 30th April and 1st May. The Global Assembly 2016 was attended by 600 customers from 5 continents!

Grand and Global Leaders as well as Global InterGold management made their addresses on stage. The leaders used the chance to share their success stories and valuable business tips with the gold world, and the company’s management announced plenty of good news. The guests also enjoyed entertaining shows, delicious dishes and unique sights of Rome.

All the details about the enchanting Global InterGold event in Rome can be found in this article on the company’s official website!


The first European Global Tour conference was held in France on 14th and 15th May in Paris. Read the article about the big start of the event.


Global InterGold 2016: от конференции в Колумбии до Global Assembly в Италии

С начала года прошло всего 4 месяца, а конференции Global InterGold уже прошли в 7 странах! Золотой бизнес охватывает новые регионы, а количество клиентов неуклонно растёт.

В каких странах в этом году прошли и чем запомнились конференции на тему золотого бизнеса?


Бизнес Global InterGold стремительно развивается. На данный момент у интернет-магазина более 1 500 000 клиентов, из которых в мероприятиях принимали участие представители порядка 50 стран.

В 2016-ом году конференции на тему золотого бизнеса прошли в 7 странах — Колумбии, Эквадоре, Перу, Малайзии, Японии, Южной Корее — мероприятия серии Global Tour 2016 – и Италии – Global Assembly 2016.

Колумбия — старт глобального тура

Global Tour – это серия мероприятий, которые проходят в разных странах мира под девизом «Развитие лидерства». Честь торжественно открыть тур выпала Колумбии. 29-го января в Dan Carlton Hotel Медельине успешно прошла дебютная конференция тура, которая собрала клиентов со всей Латинской Америки и других стран мира.

4784 метра над уровнем моря — Global InterGold в Эквадоре

Вторым мероприятием тура стала конференция в Кито, столице Эквадора, где клиенты перешли экватор золотых возможностей и покорили вершины бизнеса. 31-го января в престижном Best Western Premier CPlaza Hotel прошла вторая конференция тура, после которой участники осмотрели памятник Экватору и поднялись на знаменитый вулкан Пичинча.

Завершение латиноамериканского этапа Global Tour 2016 в Перу

«Город королей» стал третьей остановкой глобального тура. Конференция прошла с 6-го по 7-е февраля и собрала сотни участников в высококлассной гостинице Westin Lima & Convention Center Hotel. Руководство Global InterGold выступило с речью о будущих нововведениях, вдохновив клиентов на новый прорыв в золотом бизнесе.

Global InterGold в Куала-Лумпуре: первая остановка в Азии

По окончании успешной серии мероприятий в Латинской Америке Global Tour продолжил шествие в Азии. Первый город, где стартовала азиатская часть тура — Куала-Лумпур, Малайзия. На протяжении двух насыщенных дней 20-го и 21-го февраля в Swiss-Garden Hotel проходила конференция, которая принесла участникам новые знания, опыт и впечатления.

Япония заблестела: Global Tour остановился в Токио

19-го и 20-го марта Страну Восходящего Солнца озарили золотые лучи. Клиенты из 9 стран помимо самой Японии прибыли в столицу на конференцию в Mielparque Tokyo и New Otani, чтобы раскрыть секреты развития золотого бизнеса и вознести успех на новый уровень.

Золото Южной Кореи: последняя конференция перед Global Assembly 2016

Торжественное завершение азиатской серии мероприятий глобального тура прошло в Бусане, Южной Корее. С 26-го по 27-е марта клиенты изучали бизнес в этом городе и осматривали его достопримечательности, чтобы вдохновиться на новые свершения.

До свидания, Азия, здравствуй Рим! Global InterGold в Италии на неповторимой Global Assembly

Эту конференцию по праву можно назвать главным событием сезона. 30-го апреля и 1-го мая в отеле Rome Cavalieri Hotel царила настоящая золотая феерия. Конференцию Global Assembly 2016 посетило более 600 клиентов с 5 континентов!


Перед аудиторией выступали Grand и Global Leaders и руководство компании в лице вице-президента и директора по развитию. Лидеры использовали свой шанс поделиться с золотым миром историями успеха и ценными советами, а руководство компании сообщило массу прекрасных новостей. Помимо этого, в рамках мероприятия Global InterGold в Риме гости насладились насыщенной развлекательной программой, изысканными блюдами и неповторимыми достопримечательностями Рима.

10-Grand_Leaders-Global_InterGold-Global_Assembly_2016 - Copy

Все подробности о том, как прошла фееричная Global Assembly 2016 в статье на официальном сайте компании!

Где пройдёт следующее мероприятие золотого бизнеса? Завтра состоится первая конференция Global Tour в Европе. Она пройдёт с 14-го по 15-е мая в столице Франции, Париже.

У Вас есть шанс попасть на неё!

Читайте описание мероприятия и воспользуйтесь своей золотой возможностью!