How can introverts success in business? Global InterGold tips

People are classified into extraverts and intraverts. There is a stereotype that the first category is people who cannot survive 5 minutes without talking, and the second one is gloomy loners who never leave their rooms and read books all the time.

The truth about extroverts and introverts is deeper, if we bear in mind for instance, that there is a large number of introverts among the most successful business people in the world. Who is at the top of the business Olympus and how can an average introvert succeed in business taking into account his or her personality traits?

Who are introverts?

Unlike a popular belief, introversion is not synonymous with shyness. In psychology, introverts are described as people who are more focused on their inner world than the surrounding, though they are not timid or shy.

These quiet people believe that the waste of energy is irrational. Thus, a certain impression may be created that introverts are not sociable, but in fact they are happy to speak on topics that are really interesting to them, including business subjects.


Famous introverts in business

Examples of famous people prove that introverts can achieve enormous heights in business. For instance, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is an introvert. He is one of the richest people in the world, having a fortune of 29.2 billion dollars.

Another striking example is Warren Buffett, the most influential investor in the world with a fortune of 72.7 billion dollars. He is also known as the most significant benefactor in the history of mankind.

An outstanding introvert businesswoman is Susan Kane, the successful TED speaker and the author of the bestseller “Introverts.” She founded a business called the Quiet Revolution providing training materials for this type of people. This woman turned philosophy of life into the brand!

How did they manage to reach the heights of success in spite of (or maybe because of?) introversion? There are several reasons for this phenomenon.


Why should you have introverts in your business team?

1) Introverts are able to carry on a conversation face to face.

They are good listeners, allowing a potential customer feel special. Introverts are considerate and unobtrusive, thus they may win the hearts of their customers easier than extroverts. If liveliness and charisma are the weapons of an extrovert, persuasion with no compulsion is on an introvert‘s side.

2) Introverts are credible.

Usually these people make the impression of those serious and balanced. They are a personification of a new level of sales, where there is a relationship of trust established between a company and its clients. Customers’ confidence is the foundation of any business.

3) Introverts are comfortable about the time.

Such people are often distinguished by patience: they give the client time to think without any pressure. It creates a positive customer‘s attitude that contributes to the bargaining. Of course, it’s a question of oneself restriction.

4) Introverts have a better understanding of body language

Therefore, they can just duly change their behavior depending on the situation.

5) Introverts are good at listening

They are able to listen to the client’s doubts and to find a reasonable compromise instead of repeating the same phrases about the benefits of the product.

What scope of business is suitable for introverts?

An introvert is to choose the meaningful business. For such people belief in their business and motivation are vital. They need to feel comfortable with what they do. However, any person sees more or less attractive aspects in any business, but the main thing is to have a specific reason to deal with it.

Global InterGold business with gold unites more than 1.5 million people all over the globe. You can find both introverts and extroverts among them, because this business can be conducted with live communication and online, telling the audience about the product and having face-to-face meetings. This is a great way of not only making the real money, but also developing your communication skills.

There are 5 solid reasons for this business being suitable for all psychological types. Don’t give up on your dreams of the better life just because you think it’s not for you!


Being rich is a choice! The story of Jack Ma, the founder

Jack Ma, the founder of, is a famous Chinese billionaire. He was born in Hangzhou, a Chinese province, worked as an ordinary lecturer and ended up being one of the richest and most influential people on the planet, according to Forbes.

How has he achieved the world success and how does he explain people’s “bad luck”?

Sometimes a solution is as clear as a bell

Bloomberg data show that by the end of 2014, the capital of Jack Ma was estimated $32,7 billion. You think this is because of his rich parents who helped him to make out? Not at all.

Jack Ma (or Ma Yun) was born in the family of musician-storytellers in one of Chinese provinces. When he was a child, he decided to study English. For this, Jack chose a means that is truly brilliant in its simplicity: riding his bicycle to the nearest hotel he talked to foreigners. Let’s be honest, would many of us do the way he did? Sometimes a solution is obvious and doesn’t even require financial expenses!


Hardships build character

Jack failed entrance examinations twice. Despite that and owing to his persistence and ambitions, he finally enrolled at Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute; moreover, his diligence brought him to becoming a lecturer there upon graduating. His monthly salary was only $15.

Jack mentions it was difficult for him to find a better paid job, however, in 1995 he was lucky to accompany a trade delegation in the US as an interpreter. There, a turning point of his success occurred: his friend showed him the Internet. Since that moment, the future billionaire was burning with the idea to establish his own internet-based company for website development.

It’s not about the money. It’s about you

It is reported that Ma’s initial capital comprised of Ma’s own savings and money borrowed from his friends and family was $2000. Owing to persistence, determination, strong belief in himself and leadership skills after 3 years the company revenue reached $800 000. In 1999, Jack founded Alibaba Group.

Poverty starts with the head

Judging from his experience, the billionaire shared what “poor” thoughts dwell in the heads of some people and what hampers success. Poverty starts with the head, not with an empty purse!


If you give something for free to a poor man, he will say the only free cheese is in the mouse trap.

If you suggest a little investment, he will say returns are too small.

So, what about playing for high stakes? – But where to find money?

What if we try a new business area? – But I don’t have experience!

What about traditional business then? – It’s too hard.

OK, an innovative business model! – Shady…

Well, maybe we should open our own shop? – Nah, too little freedom.

A start-up? – What’s the guarantee of success?

This is how people reject opportunities they are given by their own hands.

What do poor people have in common?

Jack found that people who don’t believe in success have several things in common. They prefer to google things to get quick answers and to ask their friends who offer solutions they don’t even try. Wherein some people think they know how to succeed and blame circumstances instead of taking action.

There is always a way! Start your business the way more than 1 500 000 Global InterGold customers have already done!

The one who has no desire will find an excuse; the one who has a desire will find a way. Poor people are unsuccessful due to one simple reason: they spend their lives in anticipation, summarized Jack Ma.

Is it worth losing precious time hoping things would change for the better on their own? Or is it better to take the lead in your life?

Global InterGold: the business solution for those who are not afraid of change.

Be credible. Be incredible! Be a Global InterGold leader!

What does it take to be a Global InterGold leader? Why do the Global InterGold customers do their best to advance the Leadership career? What helps them boost their income?

There are 4 basic reasons explaining why it is good to be a Leader!

To be a leader means to be a role model and a helping hand. It means both to learn to achieve welfare and teach it. It means to lead people to success.

When it comes to Global InterGold, customers have all chances to become leaders thanks to smart and rewarding GoldSet Marketing Incentives program. It is designed in such a way so that its users could achieve financial well-being and receive additional rewards for building the leadership career. What benefits do Global InterGold Leaders get from the program and being a Leader in general?


Firstly, additional passive income. By developing new structures leaders not only receive their direct profit, but also get passive income by means of successful recommendations from their directly invited customers. Passive income sounds like a dream for the majority of people, doesn’t it?

Secondly, exclusive Leaders awards. Watches, bars, pendants, cufflinks, pens, badges, trips, even beauty makeovers – pleasurable awards are envisaged for leaders of any rank. Do you want to receive awards for prominent accomplishments in the Global InterGold business? Work at the best of your abilities and help others to do so.

Thirdly, assistance to your peers in the Global InterGold business. Leaders not just accumulate experience to use it for their own sake, but also show particular generosity to share it with other Global InterGold business people. Focus on others’ achievements and you won’t even notice yourself becoming a Grand Leader.

Finally, Winter Voyage. This competition organized by the company is the manifestation of Leadership. Grand Winter Voyage 2017 is a special award for 30 outstanding leaders who will show the best results and rank the highest positions in the rating.

Being a leader is rewarding. But what marks a good leader? Understanding what others don’t, acting before others do, helping when others can’t.

Follow these basic principles, mind the four reasons to become a Global InterGold leader and and believe in yourself!

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s: How to become a customer of Global InterGold?

People seeking for information on becoming a GIG customer usually want to get answers to the following questions:

What is gold business like? How to start it? Where to get a sponsor? What is UID?

Here you are the basic information on what is the Global InterGold business and how to become a customer.


What is GIG?

The number of Global InterGold Online Gold Shop customers has outreached 1 500 000. Why? The answer is gold. The role of gold in the modern society is becoming even more prominent due to its excellent economy stabilizing and profit making features. Nowadays many strive to build their personal gold reserves to protect and increase their monetary resources.

There are many opportunities out there, however, not all of them really work. Or work for you. Here we come to Global InterGold which is a universal shop giving earning opportunities to everyone interested. Its customers buy gold on beneficial terms, which suggest offsetting the price of the product with recommendations of the shop. For successful promotion of the online gold shop customers get bonuses to be spent on buying physical gold bars.

What is UID?

To become a customer, you must first of all find a sponsor. This gold business man or business woman will be happy to provide you with a UID number and get you acquainted with how everything works.

UID is the abbreviation of Unique Identifier/ User Identification, the main task of which is to let you register in the shop. Apart from such usual fields as Name, Surname etc you will have to enter the UID number in one of the fields when signing up.

You can easily find a UID on the GIG social resources, e.g. Facebook in the comments to posts or by writing a personal message to a Global InterGold customer.

The best way of finding a sponsor is to choose somebody from your city, country or region so that you can meet him or her in person and discuss all the details of the business.


!It’s important!

Make sure your received UID fits in the OFFICIAL Global InterGold website! Don’t tell you personal data and password to anyone. Don’t you the same password for registering in other websites. Sign up in the shop without assistance.

Finally, If you have taken a decision to upgrade your life, don’t put it off for tomorrow. Hesitation haven’t brought any results anyone yet – it is just losing precious time. Acting and getting practical experience are the only possible ways to achieve success in life. Start your business today!

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The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop: TOP-7 advantages of earning with gold

Gold has always been a precious metal cherished by people, and now its popularity is more than ever.

What are the benefits of the Global InterGold business?

More than one and a half million customers have already realized opportunities and advantages of gold business. Find them out!

Company’s customers wonder, how to make business with gold and increase their income? Global InterGold business helps them to earn with gold, reach their goals and become successful. What can help you develop your business and use your knowledge to promote it to your customers?


Here are TOP-7 pros to start your business with the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop:

  1. Income. The more efforts you make, the more you earn. The unique GoldSet marketing incentives program rewards you for successful recommendations of the Global InterGold business. It allows the company’s customers reach financial freedom.
  2. Availability. Anyone can buy gold bars and start their business with the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop. Geographical location, age, gender, education and background are not relevant: it is your desire that matters. Any client who has set his or her goals to become a financially prosperous businessperson can become one with the Online Gold Shop. Check out company’s customers reviews!
  3. Demand. The Global InterGold product is always on demand. Gold is an ageless asset with both cultural and economic value: it is a shield against inflation and deflation and a basis of world’s economy.
  4. Reliability. More than one million people trust Global InterGold. Company’s customers often share their experience and knowledge with the world. People believe in gold business and conduct their business worldwide!
  5. New experience. The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop gives you an opportunity to broaden your gold business experience. You can travel the world, meet new people, establish new contacts and participate in the company’s evens over the globe. Such a business allows you to combine work, studies and leisure!
  6. Education. You need some educational background to start the business, and company’s customers will be glad to share their knowledge with you. Their support and various events arranged by the company to provide the Global InterGold customers with news and updates will help you feel confident in the world of gold.
  7. Awards. Persistency and determination of company’s customers is noticed: they receive different awards including gold bars, branded souvenirs, exclusive gold watches and cruises to exotic countries. What a boost for your motivation!

All these advantages of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop help millions of customers make right decisions and reach their financial independence. Gold is real money! Buy gold bars in the Online Gold Shop, stay tuned with the news and learn how to make business.

Why has the Online Gold Shop obtained the new name of Global InterGold? Read the article and find it out!

Why should you follow Global InterGold social networks?

How can you earn with gold? Do you know how to place your orders easily? Are you dreaming of becoming a leader?

Get to know how to follow all the updates and stay tuned with the latest Global InterGold business news!

Internet is an endless ocean of information: millions of words, pictures, slogans and articles surround you every day. The humankind has never experienced such a diversity, volume and access to any kind of content before. You can benefit from all this variety, but one can also drown in it.

Global InterGold customers are serious business people who are focused on their goals and help others reach success. They know how to process information, and the company provides them with firsthand news and business innovations via the Global InterGold social networks.


Official Global InterGold pages in social networks allow you:

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Social networks do not only help you to know everything about the Global InterGold business, but also support you on your way to prosperity and success.

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