Gold and Grand Summer Voyage 2016! Global InterGold: GoldSet Global competition is on!

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop wants to cheer its customers with a new competition. This time they will be able to raise their business to a new level in just 12 days and go on a Mediterranean cruise and win a kilo of gold!

Competition began on 20th May and will last until 1st June!

After a long lead time, the two unique orders for gold bars were launched on 11th May. We are talking about the GoldSet Global orders. These orders have been immediately supported by the company’s customers, and their enthusiasm resulted in a real golden wave!

Customers can develop their gold business and earn much faster with the GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders. And now Global InterGold will show its gratitude towards its dynamic and motivated clients with an award for the most successful promotion of the new Global InterGold product.



For the most successful customer in the GoldSet Global Pro and GoldSet Global Smart orders:

Participation in the fabulous Summer Voyage 2016

7 heavenly days with the company on the luxury liner!


the opportunity to compete with the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 participants

for 1 kilo of gold.


From 20th May 12:00 (CET) until 1st June 12:00 (CET)


to complete the largest amount of GoldSet Global Smart or GoldSet Global Pro sections withing the competition period

Remember that GoldSet Global Pro has 3 sections and GoldSet Global Smart has 2 sections.

By placing two orders at the same time, you can complete 5 sections in the shortest possible time.

Professional approach leads to fast and smart income! Are you ready for the second GoldSet Global wave?

The second GoldSet Global wave has started!

More orders, more chances to win!

GoldSet Global Smart prepayment

GoldSet Global Pro prepayment

GoldSet Global Smart and Pro table of orders rules


Income acceleration with GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders!

The two new beneficial GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders for purchasing gold bars are now available to the customers. More business opportunities are at your disposal!

How can you earn faster with the new orders?

Global InterGold strives to constantly improve business opportunities for its customers.

Today, the company has prepared two unique innovations to make the transfer of reward units to your personal account in the Online Gold Shop even faster!

GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro: smart and swift income


GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders are arranged similarly to GoldSet Start and GoldSet Standard orders. However, due to the fact that GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro tables are divided into sections on each level, you get reward units after the completion of any section. GoldSet Global Smart order can also be used as an independent order without transition to the Global Pro table.

Thus, you can place both orders at the same time!

You don’t have to plan your long-term spending, since you get money right after the completion of each section.

But there is more good news to come!

Global InterGold branded gold bars with new orders

The gold gold available with the new orders is another company’s novelty: for the first time ever customers can order gold bars with Global InterGold logo!

Global InterGold has become the first company to start producing its own gold bars. The product has the highest 999 fineness and the quality of international level. Branded gold bars are a new stage of business prestige.


How do GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro operate?

The terms are simple: you have to make an prepayment of 275 EUR (Global Smart) / 450 EUR (Global Pro) and successfully recommend the Online Gold Shop to at least two new customers.

Reward units are granted after the completion of the 1st and the 2nd section (Global Smart) / 1st, , the 2nd and the 3rd section (Global Pro).

Global Smart remuneration is equal to 500 EUR, and Global Pro remuneration will amount to 1275 EUR for the completion of each section! For more details see the GoldSet program terms and conditions.

Both orders may be placed independently. Meanwhile, after the completion of the GoldSet Global Smart table orders can be transitioned to GoldSet Global Pro.

Special conditions of the new GoldSet Global SMART and GoldSet Global PRO orders:

Within 30 days from 11th May all the customers will get reward units for orders granted even without a qualification.

Get all the detailed information on the company’s official website.

Order your GIG-branded gold bars now and be among the first customers to earn with the new GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders!

GoldSet Global Pro order

GoldSet Global Smart order

Global InterGold 2016: from the gold conference in Colombia to the Global Assembly in Italy

Only four months have passed since the beginning of the year, but the Global InterGold conferences with the participation of the company’s management and motivated customers have already been held in 7 countries! The gold business is expanding and the number of Global InterGold clients is steadily growing.

What countries hosted gold business conferences this year? Why are they so remarkable?

Global InterGold business is booming. There are more than 1,5 million customers embraced by the Online Gold Shop; the company’s events are attended by people from approximately 50 countries.

Gold business conferences took place in 7 countries this year: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea covered by the Global Tour 2016 and Italy, where the Global Assembly 2016 was held.


Colombia is the start point of the Global Tour 2016

The Global Tour is a series of events that take place in different countries around the world under the “Leadership Development” motto. Company’s customers had the honor to inaugurate the Global Tour in Colombia. On 29th January the first conference of the tour debuted at the Dan Carlton Hotel in Medellin having attracted customers from all over Latin America and other countries.

Global_InterGold-Colombia_DAY_1_City (23)

4784 meters above sea level: Global InterGold in Ecuador

The second event of the Global Tour was a conference in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where customers crossed the equator of golden opportunities and reached the pinnacles of business success. The prestigious Best Western Premier CPlaza Hotel hosted the second conference of the tour on 31st January. The conference attendees also managed to visit the famous Monument to the Equator and climbed the breathtaking Pichincha volcano.


The last Latin American Global Tour 2016 event in Peru

The “City of Kings” was the third stop of the Global Tour. The conference was held on 6th and 7th February and brought together hundreds of participants at the luxury Westin Lima & Convention Center Hotel. Global InterGold management pronounced speeches on the future innovations to inspire the customers for new breakthroughs in the gold business.


Global InterGold in Kuala Lumpur: the first conference in Asia

After a successful series of events in Latin America, Global Tour continued its march in Asia. The first city where the Asian round of the Tour started was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two intense days of the conference on 20th and 21st February at the splendid Swiss-Garden Hotel provided its participants with new knowledge and experience.


Konnichiwa! The Global Tour stops in Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun was shining with gold glitter on 19th and 20th March. Customers from 10 countries including Japan arrived in the capital of Japan to participate in the conference held at the Mielparque Tokyo and New Otani hotels. They were happy to discover the secrets of the gold business and reach new levels of success.


Gold in South Korea: the last conference before the Global Assembly 2016

Triumphant completion of the Global Tour events in Asia took place in Busan, South Korea. On 26th and 27th March conference attendees were learning new business technologies and viewing the marvelous sights to get inspired for new achievements.


Goodbye, Asia! Buongiorno, Rome! Global InterGold went to Italy for the incredible Global Assembly 2016

This conference was a real highlight of the season. Gold extravaganza filled in the superb Rome Cavalieri Hotel on 30th April and 1st May. The Global Assembly 2016 was attended by 600 customers from 5 continents!

Grand and Global Leaders as well as Global InterGold management made their addresses on stage. The leaders used the chance to share their success stories and valuable business tips with the gold world, and the company’s management announced plenty of good news. The guests also enjoyed entertaining shows, delicious dishes and unique sights of Rome.

All the details about the enchanting Global InterGold event in Rome can be found in this article on the company’s official website!


The first European Global Tour conference was held in France on 14th and 15th May in Paris. Read the article about the big start of the event.


Global InterGold experience: 7 tips for effective promotion in social networks

In the age of technology promotion in social networks can be considered not an advantage, but a must. How to promote your business successfully? Learn the example of Global InterGold.

The specifics of the Global InterGold business is in communication with people, and the Internet is an essential part of the process. To communicate and promote one’s business on the Internet right one should follow several guidelines:


1) Invite friends
If you want to reach new markets, search for clients everywhere. Invite friends or ask people to like your page regardless of their nationality or place of residence.

2) Provide information
Put more information about your business (including photos, videos, business articles etc) on your news feed. Give people more idea on what you are doing. A good practice is to publish info at least once a day, so that everyone see that things are going on.

3) Share information
Share useful and interesting information about business in groups and other pages. You will easily find thousands of them.

4) Shoot photos and videos
Shoot your own photos and videos, show and tell everyone that you are successful and announce your achievements. This is the best proof of the fact that you are an active and self-confident business person.

5) Global InterGold customers send qualitative photos and videos to admins of Global InterGold Facebook page. Since this page is very popular it is a perfect opportunity to promote themselves and their business.

6) Communicate every day

Communicate with people every day. Interact with them in person, chat, write emails, use such apps as Viber or WhatsApp. Use every possibility to get acquainted with new people and promote your business!

7) Create impression
Tag people on your photos and videos, comment on your and others’ posts and create the impression of your business being promising and prosperous.

Using these seven tips you have all chances to advance your business and income to a whole new level. Want to know more tips on successful promotion in social networks? Study the experience of Global InterGold!

Keys to successful business ethics. Global InterGold.

To maintain flawless reputation in business and lift up incomes it is highly advisable to follow certain ethical rules and behavioral norms; this is why every company should have an ethical code.

What points should such a code include and how can it impact business? What ethical business norms are successfully followed by over a 1,5 millions of Global InterGold customers who run their own rewarding business?

Ethical code is a set of guidelines aimed at helping people behave in compliance with primary ethical values. In business, ethical code should be followed by a businessman to stimulate mutual respect, trust and effective cooperation with other businessmen.

Ethical code is one of the essential components of success and prosperity of any company. Ethical behavior creates favorable working environment, maintains motivation at a high level and lies in the foundation of longterm and reliable cooperation.


What ethical rules should be followed to reach success in business?

1) Learn
Information is a key to understanding. In order to conduct business successfully, a businessman should learn every detail of the business he runs.

2) Practice
A businessman should put to practice every new bit of information to benefit the business.

3) Reliable information
One has to convey accurate information about the business to other people

4) Obligations
One has to be responsible when it comes to fulfilling one’s obligations before other people and oneself

5) Respect
Communicate with partners and clients with respect and honor.

6) Help
While running one’s own business one should take into account the interests of the greater whole.

7) Run business legally
A businessman should follow the laws of the country (-ies) where one conducts one’s business.

8) Commitment
Business should be an essential part of one’s life and be devoted sufficient time to it.

9) Support the management
A management of any company makes its best efforts to make business prosper. A businessman should support their decisions and endeavors.

These rules are a good example of an ethical code which many companies choose to create and follow.

What rules should be followed by a person running the Global InterGold gold business? Why and how do they bring success to the business? Find it out!

Global InterGold presents 11 curious facts about the Philippines

What do you know about the Philippines? It’s a country in the western Pacific Ocean which consists of more than 7,5 thousand islands. Being a victim of frequent earthquakes and typhoons, the Philippine Islands still have unique biodiversity, rich cultural heritage and curious national traditions.

Read more and feel the spirit of this peculiar country in Southeast Asia!


Why are the Philippines so unique?

Fact 1. The Philippines are the world’s largest exporter of coconuts, bananas and pineapples. Every time you eat one of these fruits know that it may have come from the Philippines.

Fact 2. Did you know that Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is one the most overly populated city in the world? Be sure it is. According to the research conducted in 2007, the population density of Manila is 43 079 p/km2.

Fact 3. The national flag of the Philippines has an unusual feature. Bearing a picture of a white triangle with the sun and the stars next to a blue and a red stripe, these stripes can be reversed depending of the situation in the country: during the war the red stripe is on top and in times of peace the blue stripe is over the red one.

Fact 4. Abortions and divorces are prohibited on the Philippine Islands. Family is considered a significant value.

Fact 5. The Filipinos are on top in world’s SMS ranking: they send 450 million of text messages every day. What a basis for business ideas!

Fact 6. The oldest Asian university is located in the Philippines. San Carlos University was built in 1595, and it is older than the famous Harvard University. Learning is a key to success!

Fact 7. The Filipinos are very strict about the queues: don’t you dare cut ahead in line! Respecting other people makes a perfect team work.

Fact 8. One of the most popular beauty pageants “Miss Earth” is held in the Philippines. Indeed, people are good-looking and positive there.

Fact 9. Despite a popular belief, karaoke was not invented in Japan: its creator Roberto del Rosario is a Filipino. What a surprise to many karaoke-lovers!

Fact 10. The Filipinos eat rice four times a day. Maybe this is the reason why Filipinos are so slender?

Fact 11. Gold business is developing in the Philippines rapidly. Global InterGold customers from the Philippine Islands buy gold and participate in company’s conferences. An incredible Global InterGold Philippines conference took place in Kuala Lumpur on 20th and 21st February 2016. Do you want to know more details about it? Watch the video and see happy faces and smiles of the Global InterGold event attendees!

Do you want to participate in the upcoming Global InterGold events? Check out the company’s news portal!

To leave or not to leave? HSBC: UK & EU issue may result in $1300 gold hike

HSBC, British investment bank, forecasts a sharp rise of gold prices in case the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union. The defining moment will come on June 23, but is it necessary to wait for the best moment to make money with gold?

Gold prospects in 2016 from HSBC: $1300 per ounce

Investment gold sellers, among whom is such a famous one as Coininvest, report about the rising demand for gold in the UK. Seems legit, taking the possibility of the country to leave Europe into account. On June 23, the people of the United Kingdom will decide in what direction the next development of the economy will turn.

Analysts from HSBC are confident about the next gold rally in case Britain leaves. As a representative of the bank shared at his recent interview to Business Insider, gold and Swiss Franc are perfect to protect money against financial risks in this situation.

Even if exit is not happening, gold will not lose, he added. People would be likely to protect their pounds and euros with gold and francs. To conclude, HSBC forecasted gold to reach $1300 per ounce in 2016.


Gold business prospects with Global InterGold

Be it $1300 or not in 2016, buying gold on a regular basis is advantageous. 20 year ago it cost $380, and now the price exceeds $1200. Gold is growing in the long term, bringing its owners income and financial stability.

By buying gold in the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop you can not only be an owner of this stable asset, but also do online and offline business with it. You can even win gold bars by taking part in the Global 100 contest. Read the conditions!

Follow up gold news on the Global InterGold news portal and take the best decision when purchasing gold!