How can introverts success in business? Global InterGold tips

People are classified into extraverts and intraverts. There is a stereotype that the first category is people who cannot survive 5 minutes without talking, and the second one is gloomy loners who never leave their rooms and read books all the time.

The truth about extroverts and introverts is deeper, if we bear in mind for instance, that there is a large number of introverts among the most successful business people in the world. Who is at the top of the business Olympus and how can an average introvert succeed in business taking into account his or her personality traits?

Who are introverts?

Unlike a popular belief, introversion is not synonymous with shyness. In psychology, introverts are described as people who are more focused on their inner world than the surrounding, though they are not timid or shy.

These quiet people believe that the waste of energy is irrational. Thus, a certain impression may be created that introverts are not sociable, but in fact they are happy to speak on topics that are really interesting to them, including business subjects.


Famous introverts in business

Examples of famous people prove that introverts can achieve enormous heights in business. For instance, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is an introvert. He is one of the richest people in the world, having a fortune of 29.2 billion dollars.

Another striking example is Warren Buffett, the most influential investor in the world with a fortune of 72.7 billion dollars. He is also known as the most significant benefactor in the history of mankind.

An outstanding introvert businesswoman is Susan Kane, the successful TED speaker and the author of the bestseller “Introverts.” She founded a business called the Quiet Revolution providing training materials for this type of people. This woman turned philosophy of life into the brand!

How did they manage to reach the heights of success in spite of (or maybe because of?) introversion? There are several reasons for this phenomenon.


Why should you have introverts in your business team?

1) Introverts are able to carry on a conversation face to face.

They are good listeners, allowing a potential customer feel special. Introverts are considerate and unobtrusive, thus they may win the hearts of their customers easier than extroverts. If liveliness and charisma are the weapons of an extrovert, persuasion with no compulsion is on an introvert‘s side.

2) Introverts are credible.

Usually these people make the impression of those serious and balanced. They are a personification of a new level of sales, where there is a relationship of trust established between a company and its clients. Customers’ confidence is the foundation of any business.

3) Introverts are comfortable about the time.

Such people are often distinguished by patience: they give the client time to think without any pressure. It creates a positive customer‘s attitude that contributes to the bargaining. Of course, it’s a question of oneself restriction.

4) Introverts have a better understanding of body language

Therefore, they can just duly change their behavior depending on the situation.

5) Introverts are good at listening

They are able to listen to the client’s doubts and to find a reasonable compromise instead of repeating the same phrases about the benefits of the product.

What scope of business is suitable for introverts?

An introvert is to choose the meaningful business. For such people belief in their business and motivation are vital. They need to feel comfortable with what they do. However, any person sees more or less attractive aspects in any business, but the main thing is to have a specific reason to deal with it.

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